7 Travel Accessories for Sisters Day

Sisters Day

Sisters day

The first Sunday in August is National Sisters Day, a time to celebrate your special bond with the sibling you’ve loved, depended on, and argued with your whole life. For those who don’t have sisters, it’s a day to remember the strength of sisterhood and the support we get from our besties, other women at work, and those in our extended families. Most of all, Sisters Day is a good excuse to have a little fun.

Lots of sisters have a girls’ night out to reconnect with each other and reminisce about childhood memories. Some theaters even have a special theme night with movies that showcase sisterhood, like The Parent Trap, Little Women or A League of Their Own. If your biological or honorary sister is more into The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, we’ve got some great gift ideas to see her on her way. Exchanging small gifts is becoming part of the Sisters Day tradition and if yours is an adventurer, these are things she could really use.

A Brave Era Travel Sheet

We have to kick off the list with our own 100% hypoallergenic silk travel sheet. If you’ve already got one, we don’t need to tell you how great they are for keeping you bug-free, cool and comfortable on the road. Treat your adventurous sister to a touch of practical luxury!

A Travel Safe

If your sister is staying in an Airbnb, hostel or campsite, she won’t have the advantage of being able to lock her gear in a hotel safe. There are plenty of inexpensive travel safes on the market that weigh less than a couple of pounds and can be secured by a cable to just about any immovable object. Great for passports, cell phones and other essential valuables.

Silicone Travel Bottles

You’ve probably seen lots of clear plastic bottles for getting toiletries through security, but they have a tendency to crack and leak over time. Silicone is the answer, with classy and colorful bottles that are airline approved, squeezable and leak-proof.

A Tech Bag

No matter how carefully you try to wind your cords, earbuds and other tech gear, everything seems to end up in a tangled mess when you’re travelling. Your sister would probably love a purpose-made tech bag that has pouches, pockets and tabs to hold everything neatly and securely in place. They’re also a great way to ensure nothing gets banged around in an overhead bin or backpack.

An Inflatable Bottle Bag

If your sister likes to bring a bottle home from her international travels, she’s probably spent a lot of time worrying about breakages and whether her clothes are soaking in red wine, olive oil or tequila. Slip any bottle into one of these clever bags, inflate and relax. They even adjust to fit just about any shape and are reusable.

A Solar Charger

This is a great gift idea if your sister likes to get off the grid but needs to keep her phone or tablet charged. Folding solar panels can even charge as you hike by hanging the device over a backpack.  Lightweight, portable, and powerful enough to charge two devices at once.

A Safety Whistle

This is a must-have for any woman exploring unknown territory or trying her hand at more risky Adrenalin-pumping sports. Giving one to your sister on National Sisters Day is a great way to say you want her to have fun – but you also need her to stay safe. Safety whistles come in all shapes, colors and sizes, and some even work under water.

The absolute best thing you can give your sister on Sisters Day is your company, but if you’ve got a traveler in the family, take a few minutes to check out the incredible range of stylish, useful and even life-saving accessories out there. And if you’re an adventurer, maybe next year your sister will introduce you to something equally amazing!