American Business Women’s Day

American Business Women’s Day

American Business Women’s Day

In 1983, a joint congressional resolution created American Business Women’s Day to honor the contribution of women-led businesses and the growing number of women assuming top management positions in companies around the country. Every September 22nd, special events and seminars are held to encourage networking and collaboration within the women’s business community.

According to Fortune Magazine, these are currently the top-ten most powerful businesswomen in America.

  1. Marillyn Hewson

She’s the Chairman, President and CEO of Lockheed Martin, the country’s largest government defense contractor. She joined the Lockheed Corporation in 1983 and has been the CEO since 2013.

  1. Mary Barra

Barra is the Chairman and CEO of General Motors, the Detroit based multinational corporation that comes in at #10 on the Fortune 500 rankings. She’s a graduate of Stanford University and was the first woman to head an automobile manufacturing company. Her father worked in the Pontiac plant for almost 40 years and Barra claims that, along with the Camaro, the Pontiac Firebird is her favorite car.  

  1. Abigail Johnson

As the Chairman and CEO of Fidelity Investments, Johnson has had her hands full leading the company in the wake of the recent recession. Fidelity was founded by her grandfather and Johnson owns almost 25% of the company’s shares. That makes her one of the world’s wealthiest women as well as one of its most powerful.

  1. Ginni Rometty

Women are making impressive inroads in the once male-dominated field of high-tech. Rometty is the Chairman, President and CEO of IBM, a global powerhouse in the world of computing and business technology. She’s held the post since 2012 and also serves on numerous boards and committees.

  1. Gail Boudreaux

Since becoming the President and CEO of Anthem in 2017, stock values for the health care giant are up over 45%.  Boudreaux is also an accomplished athlete, excelling in basketball at Dartmouth College. Anthem is the second largest American company with a female CEO. 

  1. Sheryl Sandberg

The Chief Operating Officer of Facebook has had to handle a lot of negative publicity and a congressional investigation after the social networking giant was subject to several notorious privacy breaches. She’s the founder of Leanin.Org, a non-profit that offers women inspiration and support to achieve their business and personal goals.

  1. Safra Catz

Oracle is a leading provider of cloud-based engineering systems and computer software. Catz has been the company’s CEO since 2014 and is the highest paid female CEO of any U.S. company. She also served on President Trump’s transition team and is a member of the Disney board of directors.

  1. Phebe Novakovic

General Dynamics is a global aerospace and defense company and a major supplier to the U.S. military. Novakovic has been the company’s Chairman and CEO since 2012 and was a former intelligence officer with the CIA.  

  1. Ruth Porat

Under Porat’s leadership as Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) has seen a surge in stock value. She is a breast cancer survivor, a member of the Stanford University board of directors, and a great mentor to women entrepreneurs.

  1. Susan Wojcicki

YouTube’s Chief Executive Officer joins fellow Google executive Ruth Porat in rounding out the top ten list. It is estimated that people around the globe watch over a billion hours of video on YouTube every day and Wojcicki can take credit for the platform’s continued growth and success. 

That’s a pretty impressive list, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to women’s business accomplishments in America. Brave Era is proud to join the millions of other female-led companies in wishing you a happy Business Women’s Day whether you’re leading the pack, just getting started, or still dreaming of one day making your mark in the world of business.