Take a Walk on Your Wild Side

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When Lou Reed wrote the famous lyrics to Walk on the Wild Side in 1972, he was pushing the envelope on a theme that’s been around since the dawn of time. Where would we go, and what would we find, if we explored the part of ourselves that we usually keep tightly wrapped?

April 12th is Walk on Your Wild Side Day, which we think is a pretty good excuse for planning an adventure. Where would you go for a wild time if you could travel anywhere on the planet? In case you’re drawing a blank, we’ve come up with a list of possibilities to get you thinking…

Las Vegas

OK, it’s a bit of a no-brainer but Sin City is still one of the wildest places in America to let your hair down, see some world-class entertainment, and nurse a killer hangover.

Costa Rica

When you’re done zip lining in the rainforest, climbing an active volcano, swimming under the waterfalls and walking through the clouds, you can always take a nap before the nightlife heats up.

British Columbia

Canada’s most westerly province is also arguably its most beautiful, and if you’re an adrenalin junkie you haven’t lived until you’ve rafted down the Chilko River and conquered its massive whitewater rapids.

Serengeti National Park

It’s ground-zero for wildlife and you’re almost guaranteed to see a ton of elephants, lions, buffalo, giraffes, zebras, and hippos. If your wild side involves communing with nature, head for Tanzania.


It’s still the continent’s last frontier and the scenery doesn’t get any wilder than what you’ll see in the Denali National Park. And the locals aren’t too tame either.


There are a lot of places to go wild in Europe, but Berlin has to be one of the best. The clubbing scene is awesome and the “do-what-you-feel” attitude is going to have your wild side working on overdrive.

Rio de Janeiro

The wildest place on earth to let loose before Ash Wednesday is the annual Rio Carnival. There’s just nothing left to hide when you’re dancing in the streets with about two million other fellow travelers.

Faroe Islands

If you need to get off the grid to truly walk on your wild side, try doing it in one of the most remote (and beautiful) places on earth. Bring your hiking boots and just start walking. 


Get in touch with your wild side in a city that has 9 million people and some of the best nightclubs in Asia. Your inhibitions will disappear on a dance floor that holds 3,000 people over multiple levels and doesn’t get going until the wee hours of the morning.


A city that invented Guinness and has 700+ pubs is sure to bring out your wild side. Plus, Oscar Wilde was from Dublin. Just saying.

Whether walking on the wild side means reconnecting with nature, partying ‘til dawn or engaging in a bit of self-discovery, April 12th is the perfect day to book your next adventure. Just make sure you pack your Brave Era travel sheet to avoid wildlife in the bedding and ensure all you bring home are amazing memories.