The Best Eggs Benedict Are Local!

Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedict dish

The 16th of April is Eggs Benedict Day and you really don’t need a better excuse to enjoy a breakfast in bed that comes smothered in Hollandaise sauce. The only thing that could make the experience even better is enjoying those bennies in their country of origin.

Next year, why not plan to enjoy Eggs Benedict Day in any of these exotic (and flavorful) locations:

New York City: Classic Eggs Benedict

Several different stories give credit for the invention of this famous breakfast, all of them emerging in the last part of the 19th century. We like the one that features New York’s Waldorf Hotel where Eggs Benedict were served to a guest suffering from a hangover in 1894. This is the classic version with ham that was known as “Eggs la Benedict”. There’s no better way to celebrate the day than by ordering your own in the Big Apple.

Toronto: Bring on the Back Bacon

Back bacon is leaner than strip bacon because it comes from the loin rather than the belly. Even though most Canadians actually eat the same stuff as their southern neighbors, they somehow get credit for the round version that’s often coated in pea meal. If you’re going to order up the bacon version, why not do it in Toronto and enjoy the sights, nightlife and cultural attractions of Canada’s biggest city.

Lisbon: Eggs Benedict for Seafood Lovers

Portugal is known for its seafood and that’s where you should head if you want to add a little lobster or shellfish to your breakfast. While you’re at it, check out the world-class Lisbon aquarium where you can get a good look at some exotic sea creatures you definitely won’t want to serve up on an English muffin.

Antwerp: The Ultimate Waffle Bennie

If you’re going to serve your eggs on mini-waffles, you need to go to Belgium. These sweet treats were first introduced to North Americans back in 1962 at the Century 21 exhibition in Seattle and were featured at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York. They were never intended for your toaster and if you want the real thing, try them in Antwerp, Belgium’s cultural and artistic capital.

Tokyo: A Savory Japanese Twist

For something completely different, try eggs benedict in the heart of Japan’s vibrant capital. Substitute rice cakes for the English muffins and layer with salmon sashimi, eggs and nori. You won’t have any trouble working off your breakfast in a city that boasts hundreds of gorgeous parks, gardens and walking trails. Just save room for supper because Tokyo has over 14 3-star Michelin restaurants, more than any other city in the world.

San Francisco: A Dose of Vitamins

The City by the Bay is officially the healthiest town in America and if you want to eat like the locals, try a vegetarian low-fat version that’s still absolutely delicious. The base is a portobello mushroom, spinach takes the place of meat, and you still get to pour on a decent dollop of buttery sauce. San Francisco is also one of the country’s top tourist destinations, welcoming over 15 million visitors a year to the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island and Fisherman’s Wharf.

Amsterdam: The Finishing Touch

Hollandaise sauce was actually invented in France, but if it’s going to be named for the Dutch, that’s where you should go for the final word in delicious sauces. Try celebrating Eggs Benedict Day at a waterfront restaurant in Amsterdam where your bennies will be served on a pannekoek, the Dutch version of a French crêpe. A glass of bubbly would be a nice addition, and you can always walk it off at the Van Gogh Museum. 

No matter where you decide to feast on Eggs Benedict Day, be sure to savor every bite. And if you have breakfast in bed, don’t worry about getting sauce on your Brave Era travel sheet. They’re guaranteed to stand up to a little indulgence. Bon Appetit!