Vegas or Bust

Vegas view at night
Vegas at night

April 23rd is Take a Chance Day, and if you’ve ever thought about getting away to Vegas, this just might be the day to start making plans. Here are a few things to think about before you book your getaway to Sin City.

Visitors to Las Vegas

  • About 36 million visitors a year make the trek to Vegas but perhaps surprisingly, most come for conferences or shows rather than strictly for the gaming
  • Most visitors stay between 3 and 4 nights
  • About 40% of visitors to Vegas are millennials, and almost 10% of visitors are traveling with family members who are too young to gamble

Las Vegas Hotels

  • There are over 150,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas
  • It would take over 280 years for you to spend the night in every hotel room – and more are being built every year
  • Eight of the world’s ten biggest hotels are on the Las Vegas strip, and the MGM Grand tops those with 5,690 guest rooms
  • Many of the top-rated hotels in the area aren’t even in Vegas – they’re in Henderson, just slightly south of the city
  • The oldest hotel in Vegas is the Golden Gate which opened its doors in 1906
  • On average, over 300 people take their wedding vows in a Vegas hotel or chapel every single day
  • On a typical day, more shrimp are eaten at Vegas buffets than in the entire rest of the country put together

Las Vegas Gaming

  • The first casino in Vegas was licensed in 1931 and you can currently gamble in over 1,700 establishments within the city
  • There are just shy of 200,000 slot machines in Vegas
  • The largest amount ever won in one hit on a slot machine was $39 million
  • Only 40% of a casino’s earnings typically come from the tables. The majority of the take is made from slot machines
  • To get into the Sky Casino at the Wynn, you’ll need to open a $300,000 line of credit

Las Vegas Shows

  • Cirque du Soleil has 7 shows in Vegas, and Mirage has been taking to the stage since 1993
  • Legends in Concert at the Flamingo has been running for over 35 years
  • Elvis Presley performed in Vegas for a straight seven years from 1969 to 1976
  • Celine Dion performed for almost 3 million fans over her 717 Vegas shows
  • Wayne Newton was belting out six shows a day in Las Vegas when he was still in high school and over his career gave over 30,000 performances in the city
  • Penn & Teller are the longest running headliners in Vegas and have been performing at the Rio for the last 17 years

What all this should tell you is that business in Las Vegas is booming, but not just because of visitors wanting to take a chance in the casinos. Couples still come here by the thousands to get married, see a show, and enjoy the natural wonders of the Nevada desert. Even families can find plenty to keep the kids entertained in a town that seems to have everyone covered. But let’s face it, even though only about 10% of visitors come specifically to gamble, over 85% admit to spending money in the casinos at some point during their stay.

So, if you’re going to plan a holiday on Take a Chance Day – you might as well head for the bright lights and glamour of Vegas. Just be sure to pack your Brave Era travel sheet because there’s a limit to the chances you want to take when it comes to clean hotel sheets.

Good luck!