How to Prevent and Combat a Bed Bug Infestation

The thought of bedbugs when travelling can give you sleepless nights. Bedbug infestations are a very common problem of travelers, especially when staying in accommodations on a budget. These nocturnal insects not only spread infections and cause diseases, they also leave behind itchy and very uncomfortable bites.

As these tiny insects love to hide during the day, most of travelers aren't aware of the problem until they have been bitten by one at night. If one morning you wake up with itchy small patches of red spots, your bed is most likely infested by bed bugs.

It is very important to control the growth of bed bugs that is being spread by fellow travelers as they stick to clothes and bags, so it is very important to be aware and protect yourself from them. Here is also an in depth guide in identifying and treating a bed bug infestation because we need all the resources we can get to stay safe from these pesky insects in our travel.

And as to preventive measures, here are some tips that you can keep in mind to prevent getting bugged by these pests on your travels:

  1. Scan your bed carefully:

Bedrooms are the most likely place for bedbugs to be hiding, so start by checking out your bed carefully. Examine the mattress for any traces of bugs or their eggs or any red blotches on the sheets. Make sure you also check the box spring and bed frame. 

  1. Look for bed bugs in other places:

Once you've checked the bed, check other places for traces of bed bugs. You can use a flashlight or a credit card to find these tiny hiding bed bugs. Simply insert the card in the cracks and crevices around windows, outlets, blinds, pictures, posters and clocks on walls and push out the hiding bugs. Check all furniture especially those which have cushions. Also, check for bed bugs under the edges of carpets. You can wipe up the bed bugs, their blood stains, eggs, droppings and shed skins off your furniture using hot soapy water.

  1. If you are staying at a hostel or AirBnB long term, clean it regularly:

If you find yourself staying in one place for weeks at a time and they do not offer regular cleaning, make sure you tidy up your own space. Make sure not to leave too much clutter and if possible, find a way to vacuum at least once a week. 

  1. Make sure bedding is washed regularly, or bring your own travel sheet:

You can't always ensure that bed sheets are changed regularly when you are checked into low end accommodations. To lessen the stress, bring your own Brave Era silk travel sheet. Just use it above your bed and get tucked in, and you're sure to be protected from any critters that may be hiding underneath. It folds to the size of an iPhone too, so you can pack it just about anywhere!

How to Prevent and Combat a Bed Bug Infestation - an empty bed with a dim light on the corner