How to Treat Your Mom to the Perfect Staycation This Mother’s Day

How to Treat Your Mom to the Perfect Staycation This Mother’s Day

Flowers and chocolates are great, but what about doing something really awesome for your mom this Mother’s Day. Staycations make a terrific gift because you can surprise her without loading on the stress of having to travel. Find that special place where your mom can get breakfast in bed, enjoy a spa treatment and linger over a gourmet meal right in her own hometown. There’s no better way of letting her know how much you appreciate her than by giving your mother a place to unwind for a couple of days with nobody to look after but herself.

Before you book, however, here’s a checklist of what to look for in the perfect staycation getaway.

Go Boutique or Go Home

Chain hotels have plenty of luxury, but they can also feel cold and impersonal. Look for an independent hotel or one that’s part of a small boutique chain to really make your mom feel special. Rooms feel cozier when they have a less industrial décor, and often come with extra touches like designer toiletries and deep soft towels.

Stay Close to the Fun

The perfect staycation has to include at least one planned activity, whether that’s a spa day, theatre tickets, or something else your mom would really enjoy. Make sure the hotel is located within easy walking distance of that activity if it’s not within the building itself. Everything about your mom’s stay should be hassle-free, and that includes not having to worry about cabs or bus fare.

Let Them Know She’s Coming

Don’t be shy about letting the front desk know what you’re planning. Chances are, the staff will be happy to be in on the surprise and go the extra mile to make your mom feel comfortable. They may even have suggestions for extra touches like a champagne breakfast, special welcome snack or evening cocktail.

Look for the Out-of-the-Ordinary

Hotels offer all kinds of activities because even if this is your mom’s hometown, they’re used to dealing with visitors looking for a unique vacation experience. That could include anything from yoga classes to horseback riding, winery excursions or behind-the-scenes tours of a local gallery or museum. Even if your mom has lived in the same town her whole life, you can find something new for her to enjoy if you look at things through the eyes of a tourist. 

Pay it Forward

Make sure that you’ve got all your bases covered by organizing (and paying) for everything in advance. If you want to treat your mom to a special dinner, book her a table and arrange payment with the restaurant. If you’ve set her up for a spa treatment, activity or event, get the tickets in advance or arrange for the front desk to add the cost to her room. It can make things awkward and stressful for your mom if she doesn’t know what’s covered so be sure you can answer with just one word – everything!

As a final touch, tuck a Brave Era 100% silk sleep mask into her bag to ensure she gets a perfect night’s rest.

Giving your mom a mini-vacation close to home is probably the one thing she’s never thought of but always wanted. After all those years of taking care of everyone else in the family, it’s lovely to think that for a couple of days, your mom will be completely pampered and someone else can worry about the dishes. Go ahead – make her day!