Traveling after the COVID-19 Pandemic

Traveling after the COVID-19 Pandemic

This coronavirus ordeal has caught the whole world off guard. It overwhelmed the economy of almost all the countries and drastically changed the way of life for everyone. Control measures were put in place and we are all in shock and in denial. We were all asked to stay home leading to the closing of borders, airports and public transportations. All types of movement were temporarily put to a halt which meant one thing, travel restrictions.

The fear of getting infected is very much felt but we are somehow looking forward to better days. As COVID-19 vaccines are rolling out across the globe, we feel that sense of hope on days when we can hit the road and explore the world again. While we remain hopeful, let’s maximize the time to learn about how we can travel more safely. The “new normal” for traveling is here and the very least we can do as travelers is to be prepared and be aware.

  1. Support our local economy first by supporting small business enterprises around our area. The fact that all establishments closed down during the pandemic to avoid movement for people, gravely affected small and local businesses that are a great contributor to an economy’s sustainability. For us travelers to help these businesses gradually get back on their feet again, be mindful of our purchases and where we book our travels. Instead of choosing a fancy hotel if you ever decide to have a nearby staycation, why not book at a local homestay or an Airbnb? Or instead of flying to a nearby country, why not take a road trip to a nearby state or city and enjoy what they can offer locally?  

  2. Give online transactions a try. The digital world is evolving from cash transactions to wire banking and online payments. Viruses and germs are transmitted mostly through any form of a human to human contact so keep in mind that paper bills and coins can also carry these microorganisms that can affect our health. So give digital transactions a try and get a little more convenience instead of risking ourselves getting exposed.

  3. Travel insurance. Although this has already been a practice even before this pandemic broke out, it has gotten more importance since not all travelers see this as an essential. Being insured gives travelers that sense of security in any unforeseen and unwanted incidents like immediately needing to go home, losing a suitcase or a passport, a refund for canceled trips due to outbreaks or terror attacks, medical emergencies and et cetera. We’d need travel insurance for us to be able to enjoy our trip fully without the hassle of worrying and trying to get out of a sketchy situation.

  4. Be health-conscious. Our main shield from all sorts of illnesses is our immune system. Most of us probably had that experience of getting sick during our travels and we never want to experience that again. From stomach flu, insect bites, and other forms, it is wise to stay healthy before and after we travel. Make sure you have the clearance of a doctor and get the necessary vaccines before you get to venture off and wander around. We don’t want to get infected and we also don’t want to infect others. 

  5. Clean and healthy travel. I am sure every germ freak traveler has their protocols on how to stay clean and healthy in their travels. But since the world was shocked by a health crisis, we are even more careful and conscious of what we eat, touch, and venture to. For most travelers, the fear will be there even after travel restrictions are lifted. And just to be sure of cleanliness, be sure to always be prepared. Since prevention is better than cure as the saying goes, there are travel-friendly products that we can use such as hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, washable face masks, and travel sheets ( to give us peace of mind during our next trip.

2020 has shocked us but there is hope if we learn. And with the COVID-19 vaccines rolling out across the world, we will travel again and with even more rewarding effects. 

The new normal for the world is not enough. And as global citizens, let’s strive for it to be the “better” normal and with a lot more value to our health, the environment and kindness for others.

Happy travels!